Factoring in
the Human
Imagine an interface that invites your touch, and systems you operate with instinctive gestures. Imagine indicators you can understand at a glance, from across a room. Imagine state-of-the-art technology that feels reassuringly familiar. Members of the Human Factors Center already have.
Imagine systems you can converse with, even when you're not in the room. Imagine bulk reagents without the bulk. Imagine carefully conceived solutions that speed the pace of work with minimal effort. Members of the Human Factors Center already have.
Imagine systems that are up and running by the time you arrive in the morning. Imagine having the flexibility to allocate staff more effectively. Imagine saving precious minutes in the completion of routine tasks - those minutes adding up to hours. Members of the Human Factors Center already have.
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VP of Global Strategy and Emerging Markets, Luc Ruysen, introduces a suite of next-generation solutions that factor in the healthcare professional. Continue

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